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SimpliPOST is a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that allows you to send A4 documents and A5 postcards. Whether you are sending a smaller number of documents originating from the desktop, doing large mailings, or marketing mailings: SimpliPOST has a solution for you.


SimpliPOST allows businesses to send physical documents to any UK address directly from a PC. Instead of the complex combination of in-house production of documents, outsourced mailings and pre-printing of stationery, SimpliPOST allows you to print on demand 24/7. With just one click from your desktop, Simplissimo takes care of the rest. Documents are printed within highly secure facilities that are APACS and ISO 27001 accredited and are then delivered to Royal Mail to complete the “final mile” delivery. SimpliPOST allows businesses to realise huge cost savings on mailing costs, paper, envelopes and consumables - as well as soft cost savings around employee’s time - allowing your business to operate in a more productive manner. Savings can easily be in excess of 60%.




Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive solution with data input methods which include Printer Driver, Web Portal, API (Application Programming Interface) and Spooler
  • Send A4 documents and A5 postcards Mono / Colour, Simplex / Duplex print options
  • Support for letterheads and A4 enclosures
  • Support for PDF and Microsoft Word XML document formats
  • Printer Driver is compatible with Microsoft Word Mail Merge
  • Send personalised and large mailings within a few clicks by utilising the online mail merge functionality
  • Send either single or consolidated PDF documents via the Spooler
  • Support for multi-page and varying page length PDF documents using the Spooler
  • UK PAF address validation is included for free
  • The relevant software downloads are free to install