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The SimpliPAY portal is a secure self-service solution that allows employees to access PAYE documents such as Payslips, P60 and P11D documents. Employees login to the SimpliPAY portal using their own username and password and will have access to all PAYE documents that have been delivered via the system. This allows the employees to view and download a copy of their documents – including Payslips, P60, P11D – without having to contact the Payroll department.

Why do I Need the SimpliPAY Solution?

Sending documents via the traditional postal service costs hundreds or thousands of pounds per year. When stationery, printing and postage costs are included the cost becomes expensive. With traditional mail there is no way of accurately knowing if a payslip has arrived safely with the intended recipients until a complaint is received. In addition the document can be intercepted at any point throughout the journey. The SimpliPAY portal delivers the payslip directly to the employees using a secure portal. All that the employees need to do is complete a one-time registration and set a password.

Alternative payroll output

Since not all companies are migrating completely to ePayslips, we also offer the option of a print output solution such as pressure seal for some or all of your documents. Payslips and other PAYE documents are printed at our secure facility (APACS and ISO 27001 accredited) and distributed directly to your employees, or sent to a central or regional distribution centre within your company.



Benefits to your Employees

24/7 access

Employees have access to their payslips 24/7 and can access the system whatever their location, whether they are at work or at home.

Self-service access to PAYE documents

Employees can access their payslips and any other PAYE documents that have been delivered via the SimpliPAY solution without having to request information from the Payroll Department.

Faster Delivery

Employees are likely to receive their payslips much quicker as there is no reliance on the postal service. Payslips are immediately available for the employee to access once they have been uploaded to the system.

Confidential delivery of payslips

Only the intended recipient can view the payslip. Using the traditional postal service to deliver the payslips, the payslip could be intercepted and opened by someone else.